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Offering the best quality of raw materials for all types of Livestock Feed Industries like Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Swine Feed, Sheep & Goat Feed, Aqua Feed, etc. at the most modest costs.

Who Are We?

The animal husbandry sector has been contributing largely by giving different solutions to uphold the necessity of animal farming. It has a great level of importance all around the world, especially in India where it is considered as a major resource. But in the current scenario, there are not much companies which can meet up with the rising demand for items in animal husbandry. Here is how we, Canportany Nutriment Ventures Private Limited come in. In spite of being recently established in the year 2019, we have effectively become as reliable supplier as well as a trader of the best Raw Materials for Livestock Feed Industries like Cattle Feed Industries, Poultry Feed Industries, Swine Feed Industries, Sheep & Goat Feed Industries and all types of Aqua Feed Industries in the market. Behind this achievement is our consistent research of the market which is unequivocally completed by our experienced group of specialists. They generally come up with new and improved ideas which would help the animal husbandry industry with the best arrangements.

"We are accepting minimum order quantity of 10 Ton from South India."

Most Popular Products
Wheat Bran
Wheat bran is very palatable and can be fed to poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, camels, pigs, all types of fish feeds and horses. Wheat bran has a laxative effect easy for digestion.
Wheat Bran Pellets
Wheat Bran Pellets contains much of the vitamins and protein - used for all type of Livestock Feed Industries like Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Sheep & Goat Feed, Aqua Feed, Swine or Pig Feed, Horse Feed, Camel Feed etc.
Rice Bran
RICE BRAN Rice Bran at increasing the utilization of fibrous feed ingredients include adequate fortification with micro nutrients, supplementation with high quality protein and amino acids, physical and chemical pre-treatments and the use of microbial enzymes and antibiotics. The composition of rice bran can be quite variable, due to the degree of milling and quantity of constituents. Rice bran is nutritious and supplies protein, energy and minerals. Blending with other concentrates, such as grain, improves flow characteristics. Traditionally, rice bran was used as a cattle supplement.

Quality Assurance

With quality, an organization can accomplish a great deal concerning budgetary achievement and client fulfillment, we understand this.

Spacious Warehouse

One of the most significant responsibilities for a trading company is to ensure the safety of the products.And to ensure this, we have maintained a warehouse, where we keep stock.